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Molloy's Popularity Game - The Book | Learn How To Become More Popular

Molloy’s Popularity Game – The Book

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Molloy’s Popularity Game is John T. Molloy’s Newest Book.

John T. Molloy has sold over twenty million books including Dress for Success, Women’s Dress for Success, Live for Success, Why Men Marry Some Women & Not Others.

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You Can Become More Popular!

There are specific reasons why some people are more popular than others (it’s not just chance, or if you were born handsome/pretty or athletic.) If you are willing to learn social skills you can become more popular in social settings and in your work life.

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Molloy’s Popularity Game

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Author, John T. Molloy

About the Author


While working at a Connecticut Prep School John Molloy participated in a government-funded educational research program. He chose to study how what teachers wore affected their credibility and authority. While these findings were largely ignored by the educational establishment they Immediately attracted the attention of the business community.

Molloy’s first clients were law firms from New York City. They wanted their young attorneys to be as credible as possible before judges and juries. The partners at these firns were so pleased with the results of his work that they recommended him to their clients who were business people and politicians.

When corporate clients discovered that Molloy’s seminars increased sales, they hired him to train their sales forces and conduct a number of sales research projects. When Molloy’s researchers discovered that popular sales people were the most successful sales people his clients Insisted that he undertake a study of how to make salespeople and executives popular. This project was so successful that he ran a course on Popularity and Sales for the next 25 years.

Most people think of John Molloy as an author because he wrote“Dress for Success” “The Woman’s Dress for Success”, “Live for Success,(Ihe original title was a West Point for

Executives), “How to Work the Competition into the Ground and Have Fun Doing It”, “The New Dress for Success”, “The New Women’s Dress for Success”. “Vocabulary Puzzles”, (with Rich Norris) and “Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others”, but he spent most of his life as a researcher and consultant. He also wrote a syndicated column that was distributed by the New York and LA times for over 30 years and hosted National talk shows on ABC and NBC radio for over 11 years.

Molloy wanted to write books on popularity and sales but because when he wrote Dress for Success it created the image industry which is today largely peopled by unqualified imitators, he waited until he had verifiable information on both subjects. He is sure that this book on popularity and the one on sales, which will follow shortly, will create the same type of unqualified imitators, However, he is also convinced that like his books on dress, corporate success, getting the man of your dreams to marry you and how to work effectively, his book on popularity which like his earlier works is based on research will become the standard by which all others are measured.

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