Dear Mr. Molloy:


I attended your speech in Georgia on making a great first impression. At the end you said you would train people to be popular on your upcoming television show. What interested me was you announced that you have a self-updating computer program that will choose people’s business wardrobes. I was at the time and still am very interested.


However, you also said you were going to spend the month of January introducing that show on your blog. I read your first two blogs for January and you didn’t say a word about the show. I assume you’ve delayed the show. What I’d like to know is when it is going to be on the air and on what channel?


A Fan


Dear Fan:


Only after your letter arrived did I realize how many people I had told about my upcoming television show. At present, it doesn’t look as if the show is ever going to be produced. I’m embarrassed that I lead people astray but it wasn’t really my fault.


Several years ago I met a gentleman in the entertainment industry who had developed a number of TV shows. He knew I had radio shows on NBC and ABC on success while he was an intern at one of the networks. Both shows were well received and as a young man he became a fan and read most of my books. He believed if I could do television specials on some of the topics I’d researched there would be a ready audience for them and he was interested in helping me develop those TV specials. After several months of negotiating, about who would own what, we finally agreed on a mutually acceptable formula.


Once we had a contract we sat down together and discussed how the shows would actually work and I was surprised and delighted by his input. He suggested I not only demonstrate how to interview, but bring in experts on the subject. I suggested instead of speaking to experts on interviewing I talk to the people who did the interviews. We compromised and said we should do both.


At that point he asked me to develop scripts for three topics covered in my books. As soon as I started he told me he was no longer interested in the project but if I wanted to go ahead with it I could do so. He would have no objection as long as I never mentioned his name in connection with the show. We both signed that agreement. I found out shortly after that he was hired for a management position on one of the networks.


As soon as he bailed out I was approached by another gentleman who had heard about the show and said he had a better idea. I was so fed up by that time I did not meet with him for two months but when I did I was impressed. He said he could arrange financing not only for my show but products to be sold on it. At first I assumed he meant advertisers but he didn’t, he wanted to sell clothing using my reputation and the dress for success research. When he told me he was willing to give me a very small percentage of non-verifiable profits I left without saying a word.


Two weeks later we agreed on a more appropriate division of profits and control. As you might imagine I was very excited, I worked very hard at putting together scripts for shows on the assumption he would come back with a suitable clothing line. He showed me pictures of the line and we agreed to draw up a contract. I waited to hear from him but I did not. Two weeks later I received a call from his wife who told me he died and she had no interest in continuing with the project. However, she offered to sell me his market research which cost a quarter of a million dollars. When I hesitated saying that it seemed I would be buying a pig in a poke, she hung up and I’ve never heard from her again.


Of course I wanted the project to continue so I asked someone who is fairly well connected in the investment community to find me another backer.  He’s been looking for two months without any results and I’ve just about given up on the whole idea.


I’m sure you and others I’ve heard from are disappointed and have every right to be but you can’t be as disappointed as I. When the gentleman who did the market research decided he was going to commit major dollars to it, he said we are going to drive Brooks Brothers out of business. I don’t think he meant that literally I’m sure Brooks Brothers was just the name that popped into his head when he thought of business clothing.


If a miracle takes place and we move forward, I have your address and I’ll write.