Dear Mr. Molloy:


I just moved from our offices in the Midwest to our Boston, Massachusetts office.  I will be the night manager,which is more important than you think because we are available to our customers and the public around the clock. One of my fellow managers asked me the other day how I matched the color of my suspenders with my suit, shirt and tie. He was thinking of wearing suspenders so he was just asking for information. I had to admit I had no idea.  I looked in your dress for success book and found nothing..


                                                                                       A Manager

Dear Manager:


Suspenders do not have to match your suit, shirt or tie, but they probably shouldn’t clash.  However,  I doubt If there is any rule on that. Some of America’s most successful men today wear brightly colored braces ( the term used by some executives for suspenders.) In fact wearing  bright colors and designs seems to be one of the attractions of wearing suspenders.The only real rule is only wear them if your trousers have buttons designed to accommodate them.


There is only one drawback to wearing suspenders.  Several years ago I ran across a  gentleman at a conference who said that his problem was he slouched and that made him look lower class.  He said he’s been trying to correct the problem for years but it wouldn’t seem to go away. He thought suspenders pulled down his shoulders making the problem more difficult to solve and asked if I had any suggestions?  In fact he specifically asked if there was a device that could help him stand erect.I told him I didn’t know but I would check.


Luckily I found several because people from limited backgrounds often slouch which limits their  potential because in corporate America class counts.

Dear Mr. Molloy:


What is the main mistake made by women when they buy clothing?

                                                                               17 Year Old but Willing to Learn


Dear 17 Year Old:


The main mistake made by women when they buy clothing is they buy clothing that’s looks good on someone else usually a model who is very tall and very thin. Several years back I had a thin, chic relative who worked in a store that catered  to heavier women.  The store’s customers took  one look at her and wanted outfits similar to hers.The clothing that looked beautiful and chic on her would not be attractive or even appropriate for  the average woman and certainly didn’t  work on her customers   Nevertheless, she sold  more than most of her coworkers. If there’s one rule every woman should obey it is,  picture in your mind how any garment would look on you before you purchase it.


However, being 17 there is a good possibility that you are  tall and thin and if that is so  you can  copy those models.  However, if  now or in the future you are not tall and thin avoid them like the plague.

Dear Mr. Molloy:

My husband just went into a discount store and bought a double-breasted blue blazer. He usually has two or three sports coats in his wardrobe which he wears all the time. He always buys very good jackets and keeps them for years.


I told him that the reason the double breasted model was for sale in an outlet is it is no longer fashionable.When I told him that he made a mistake purchasing it because when he wore it he would look dated, he disagreed. He said he didn’t know whether It would look up to date or not but it didn’t make any difference because It will once again be fashionable in a couple of years. And even if it doesn’t come back in style he’ll wear it anyway, men don’t pay attention to such things. Please tell him he’s wrong.

                                                                   A Concerned Wife


Dear Concerned Wife:

I can’t, traditional blazers may go out of fashion but they never go out of style.