I stated in the orignal text as long as you are willing to commit four hours a week for 3 to 6 months you will become more popular.  When I first told my corporate clients most of them were fine with this timeline. However, several sales managers said they couldn’t wait three to six months to Increase sales, They  insisted that their salespeople spend an hour a day and 2 to 21/2 hours on Saturday and Sunday working on the book. When they did this in 45 to 60 days most of them became more popular and some of them are very popular and of course their sales increased.

Once word got out that these accelerated schedules worked individuals and companies adopted them. In fact, certain individuals and groups worked longer and harder than an hour a day and it worked for some.

Their progress was quicker for those who worked 45 to 60 days, however, the percentage of people who completed the course dropped substantially.  After analyising the data, I came to the conclusion that even an hour ar day without any breaks did not work. At that rate you can complete the course in 45 to 60 days however, if you give yourself a full 60 days and spend one hour every weekday  and two and one half hours on Saturday or Sunday almost 92% of you will complete the program and become more popular.

Because I’ve been  discussing this topic with students for years I know at this point almost everyone has the  same question. Since the program can be completed more quickly why do you continue to advise people to spend 3 to 6 months working on it. Tthe answers are simple The 3 to 6-month program works fine for most, particularly those with busy schedules..

The successful students in the accelerated programs spend more time memorizing information and repeating it than those in the standard program.  In fact, they repeated information three to seven times more often than recommended. The more enthusiastic students doubled the number of times they spent reading the required material and quardrupled amount of time they spent memorizing the material they were required to memorize.  Which means there is no hard-and-fast rule on how long or how often you have to repeat information in order for it to stick. Popularity training. is was designed for individuals not groups. Each person must determine how often they should repeat or memorize formation be before it becomes instinctive and useful.

opular with the opposite sex you must first become popular with your own sex. Use “The Walk Around Sheet” only with members of your sex and preferably  those from similar ba

Popularity with the opposite sex

If you wish to be pckgrounds. Do not even try to test against members of the opposite sex it will screw your information and make it more difficult for you to become popular with your own sex or the opposite sex. Do not do it

                            Subjects covered

The first 10 subjects covered can stand independently.  After that additions to this blog will undoubtedly contain information you heard before. I repeat myself because I found if  you heard three different versions of the same thing it helps imprint it on your mind and that is essential if you’re going to train yourself to send signals that will make you popular.  That is why I recommend that you tune in when you here I’m going to be on the radio or TV program because even if you heard me speak on a subject before if you hear the same thing again it will once again imprint on your mind and and eventually make it part of you.

  1. Do you want to be popular?
  2. Executives and would be executives
  3. Salespeople
  4. A friendly workforce
  5. The interviewer
  6. Politicans
  7. 13 &14 year olds
  8. Todays 2 power uniforms
  9. Women in tech fields
  10. Training your children to be successful
  11. Religion and its impact on young girls.
  12. Molloy’s Popularity Game.
  13. Image and sales.
  14. Reading polls

1) Do you want to be popular?

Go to “Molloy’s Popularity Game” and download “The Walkaround Sheet”.                 

Make 30 copies. You won’t need that many but I’m putting a few extra in for mistakes. Please don’t try to download 30 copies or  you will overload the site. If you decide at this point you really don’t care whether you are popular or not and do not think it’s that important that is fine with us. However, there are several groups who need this text.  They are:

2) Executives and would-be executives whould like to get the next promotion. In this group. About 80% of the time that is the more popular person.

An article was written almost 30 years ago stating that companies generally promoted the most popular people not the most competent ones. When I brought it to my corporate clients attention, most dismissed it out of hand. They claimed they promoted the best people. I suggested they look at who actually got promoted to see if they were right and after they did many of them admitted the article was correct. The reason was simple, if you are an executive and you  are going to bring someone out of the ranks to work with you you want someone you like and who will fit in with your group. About 80% of the time that was the most popular person and that’s why they get the promotions.

As a result, I was hired by companies to train their executives and would be executives to be more friendly when dealing with fellow executives.  In fact, my most popular speech for almost 30 years was Popularity and Sales, in reality, I taught these executives to act as if they were nice people. This is the same skill I taught to salespeople when they met buyers so what I was really teaching was “the sales act”.  I was not making anyone popular and I knew it and so did the companies but they did not care because it seemed to work. However, there was one major flaw in the system, almost everyone eventually reverted to type,particularly when they were under pressure they went back to what they were originally.  Which meant I made a great deal of money retraining them but it bored me to death and I hated it.

That problem was solved one day when I ran into an old friend.  When I explained my problem to him he said the solution was obvious.  He at one time worked as a deprogrammer. He worked with young people who had been brainwashed by some second-rate con-man who convinced them that he was either God or had a direct connection to  the Almighty. The parents of these unfortunate young people forcefully removed their children from those con men and handed them over to my friend. His job was to deprogram them. He said although he described it as deprogramming to the parents and the world, in fact he was brainwashing them. He used the same techniques that the North Koreans used. He brainwashed them to convince them that the person they thought was directly in contact with God was nothing but a second-rate con man.  He said if I wished to make people popular who had developed habits that made them unpopular at age 2, He said I would have to brainwash them as well because they had been brainwashed by life,

Once he told me that I changed my approach. The book requires the reader to memorize certain information and repeat it over and over until it is virtually part of  the readers DNA. If I wake up one of my students in the middle of the nightI and ask what they will do when they meet someone, they without hesitation or reflection tell me they will with a friendly pre smile, shake the hand  of the person they just met, look him directly in the eye, hold onto his hand just a second longer than normal, then step back so they will no longer be invading that persons space. If they read those instructions over and over until it is part of them they will react exactly as you would expect them to. That is why in this book I will insist that you read sections over and over and over.   The process will not be pleasant or entertaining but dull, boring and time consuming . The only redeeming virtue this book has is it works and it will work for you.

If someone got a promotion you deserved you may get the next one. I don’t care if it was 20 years since you received your last promotion. We had clients who hadn’t received a promotion in 15 to 20 years who all of a sudden were being considered for management because they learned to charm the people they met.  This text will train you to do that and you will be on your way up. In fact, this text was originally designed for executives. As I told you, this book has been in one version or another for years. We found executives and potential executives are the people who have used it most often and most effectively.

At this point you should only have one question, do I buy a hardcover edition or should I buy the $9.99 version from Amazon.  80% of you knew the answer before I asked the question. If In the past you learned more quickly if you underlined or highlighted material and as a result were more likely to remember it, you should buy the hardcover, if not get the less expensive version.  

3) Salespeople

It should come as no surprise  to any salesperson that if the buyer likes you he or she is more likely to buy from you. If you don’t know that I suggest you find another field.

One of the most important sales skills is developing a friendly everyday look.  Most of the time that is the look you have on your face when you’re just about to smile, Most described it as an understated smile. You never want to approach a client or anyone else with a big broad grin on your face because that will kill not only your sale but your chances of getting along with the client.  It is almost impossible to keep a broad smile on your face for an extended peroid of time and once it goes away the people with whom you are dealing will be turned off. This is a particular problem for women dealing with women.

We tell our students to bring a camera with a selfie stick to our seminars. We have them take several selfies, study them and if possible show them to a friend, someone who can close their eyes and see them. Ask that person or members of a small group to pick out the picture that they think is most appealing and friendly.  Next pick out the picture that they think is most like the one they see when they close their eyes and imagine your face.You can choose any picture that makes you look friendly as long as you choose a picture that charms everyone.

Once you do choose a picture that shows you as charming  put it up around your house preferably next to mirrors. Every time you see that picture put on that face and look at it in the mirror.  The most effective technique for making the person in that picture the real you is to put it in a frame on your desk at home next to a small mirror. Every time you look at the picture look in the mirror and when that face appears every time you will have the everyday you that charms people. You will speed up the process if you place that picture next to mirrors around your house and every time you see the picture look in the mirror and put on that  charming look. Eventually you will see it every time but you can’t quit then you have to keep doing it until it becomes the real you. Once that happens your sales will increase. You don’t have to do anything else all you have to do is learn to charm the people you meet and that of course will include your buyers. Your sales will go up and your life will become more pleasant because most of the people you meet will start treating you as a friend.


During the next several months I will be giving a half dozen full day seminars to PR my book.   Since I’m using them for public relations I won’t be charging for these full day seminars and if you are a sales manager and you wish to take advantage of this please email me at success.molloy@gmail.com.  Please give your name and the name of your company, it’s address,  the location of the seminar and your telephone number. I will get back to you.

4)  A friendly cooperative and as a result a more effective workforce.

If you believe such a workforce is more effective, I agree with you.  The good news is I have an easier and less expensive way of creating such a workforce.  If you’re interested please email me at success.molloy@gmail.com. please include the name of your company, it’s address as well as your name and your telephone number,. If I hear from you early enough you might well be  eligible for one of the free all day seminars.

5) How to win over an interviewer.

I have been  teaching and researching how to interview for almost thirty five years and  90% of my work has been done with or for college students. In the 80s I was speaking regularly  on college campuses on “Dressing for Success.” Naturally the question how to dress for interviews on campus came up.  The faculty members in charge of interviews on campus asked me how the students should dress for an interview. I said I don’t know but I would find out, so I started interviewing the interviewers.

In the 80s  approximately 17% of college students blew the interview  before it started. Today the number is close to 60%. That is why I spent  In excess of 60% of my time on how to interview. If you want to charm the interviewer the same rules apply as they do anywhere else in the world.

My goal has become to point out the mistakes students make. The most obvious mistake is some of them actually walk up to the interviewers texting and walk away texting. Most of the interviewers we spoke to said they would not touch such a candidate with a ten-foot pole. They told me when they hired these people they did not add to the efficiency of the organization, they subtracted from it.  Apparently the inability of students to connect with people in the real world is one of the reasons they are not hired. We actually had a couple of interviewers tell us that they had students who were texting in their pockets as thet spoke to them. Of course, they didn’t even consider putting them to work.

The most serious mistake that you can make is to announce that you are a socialist.  I was raised in New York City where when I was young Communists were everywhere and they were proud of it. Then all of a sudden the party instructed Its members to tell everyone they were socialists which for me for years was nothing but an undercover word for communist.  I’m sure there are socialists today who have no communist affiliation. However, if you tell someone working for a corporation that you intend to replace capitalism which makes them successful with socialism which has failed in every country where it has been tried, your interview is over and so is your career.

When I gave this advice on college campuses I was told that I was being a fascist which struck me as very funny since Hitler was a socialist, Obviously my advice is not always politically correct but it is  based on the world as it is not on how we would like it to be and it works.

6) You can trust politicians, they know what they are doing.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of the time when I was brought in to package a politician I was sent by a corporate client who had a friend or a relative running for office.  Some would insist that I charge the politician no more than I charge them but I insisted on charging politicians twice the price because they were the worst clients in the world.  I described working for them like working for God without manners. The biggest problem I faced when working for politicians was their experts usually fell into three categories: First, the campaign director for the leader of their party who ran in the district where if they were a Democrat was Democratic and if they were a Republican was Republican and they couldn’t lose if they tried. The second group ran campaigns and their time in the business was their main credential.  Some were actual experts but I could never tell which ones were. By far the largest group were the type who hang around campaigns and volunteer to stuff envelopes, knock on doors, and some of them genuinely contributed to the campaign but they were hardly experts on how to get elected.

Two classic examples of politicians not knowing what they are doing are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I know Donald Trump’s people think that his campaign slogan; ‘Make America Great Again’ got him elected, not so.  It is a wonderful slogan and he’s done a wonderful job with the economy but key to his victory was Hillary Clinton. He should write her a thank-you  note. When Hillary announced she was going to close down all the coal mines in America she guaranteed Donald Trump’s election. How do I know this? My wife comes from Johnstown Pennsylvania. There is a town close to Johnstown whose name is a mine number, I forgot the numbers but it doesn’t make any difference. There are also 20 other towns within 30 miles who depend solely on the presence of a single coal mine for their existence.

My mother-in-law who worked on the election board said that most of the voters in her district voted democratic. They were union members and as she said they went into the voting booth and sometimes without even closing the curtain voted straight democratic.  It annoyed her because she thought they should at least know for whom they were voting.

Hillary announced she was going to close down every coal mine in America, the people living in those towns that depended on coal mines instead of voting straight Democratic which they had been doing for years voted for their towns survival and gave Donald Trump a landslide victory.

When Hillary first ran I was approached by a member of her campaign staff  who said she might be interested in my researching her campaign material . I had done that for other campaigns and it seemed to help so the minute I received the offer I did some research on Hillary and found that most people disliked her.  I was going to get back to her campaign people when one of them called me and said don’t bother you’re not a woman and we can’t use you. If that had not happened I could have made Hillary popular. Her only mistake is at age 2 she copied the wrong  person. If she hired me and did exactly as I instructed she would have become more likeable and more electable but of course that never happened.

7) 13 & 14 year olds

If you want to be popular and are willing to spend the time and effort to achieve that goal, it’s yours.  You are the magic group. Somehow for you it’s easier than anyone else. You will become more popular quicker and with less effort than any other group.  Go to Molloy’s Popularity Game, purchase the book either in hardcover or online from Amazon and if you follow the instructions in the book carefully and take no shortcuts you will become more popular and some of you will become very popular. If you  are one of the 18 to 28% who become very popular, all your life you will be catered to and will have friends every place you go. First you learn to be popular with your own sex and then you will become popular with the other sex as well.

I would wish you good luck but you don’t need it.

8) There are two power uniforms today.

The first of course is a traditional suit.  It works best for both men and women.In Washington, Corporate America,on TV and frankly most the world. However, there’s no ignoring the fact that the people who made billions in the last several years are in high-tech companies and their standard uniform is jeans.

Everyone’s heard the story of the banker who  refused to meet with one of the tech geniuses who was starting a billion dollar company because he  was wearing jeans. That was a silly mistake made by a suit wearer but the other side makes the same mistakes.  Jack Grady a friend of mine was also the controller at Peat Marwick one of the top accounting firms in the country.  One day I asked him what am I going to do when you leave Jack, who’s going to replace you . A few days later at lunch he introduced me to a young man 30 years his junior, he said he was an excellent accountant and I should contact him.  I know for a fact that fellow applied for an accounting position at one of the high-tech companies and was turned down because he was wearing a suit. Both decisions were stupid.

The reason that creative people have the notion that avant-garde dress helps people be creative is because of the West Bank of Paris.  In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the poor people in Paris lived on the West Bank. Young artists moved there because they couldn’t afford the more expensive districts. They adopted the dress of the poor people around them. In the salons of Paris that was looked upon as avant-garde and the  myth started that avant-garde dress led to creativity, that’s nonsense.

I did a research project about 30 years ago in which I interviewed the most creative people in four High-Tech companies.  Some dressed in an avant-garde style and others dressed in suits. When we looked carefully at what they had actually created we found there was no correlation between how they dressed and how  creative they were.

9) Women in the high-tech world.

Women in the tech world face a serious problem no matter what they think most of them are not taken seriously. It is not because they are less talented or less productive than male counterparts but they appear to be less able and  appearance does impact reality. The uniform today in the tech world is jeans and on men they look just fine. Women’s jeans are tighter and usually designed to draw attention to their feminine shape which sends a very strong sexual message to men.

We interviewed over 45 women engineers and about half of them admitted they found it difficult to be taken seriously and even more difficult to work their way up into  management. In today’s politically correct world the people who run these companies are never going to even hint that that is the case, nevermind admit it. I am not saying that women are not making it to management many of them are. However, in fact in some companies the executives admitted to me that a percentage of women were promoted for PR purposes only.  Unfortunately, they are seldom given key assignments or assigned to long term projects.

You may wonder why I am the only one making this claim. One of the reasons  I have been doing research in Corporate America for over 40 years and in all that time I have never mentioned the name of anyone I have interviewed or anything they said. In fact, companies actually put me on the front cover of their magazines and when I asked if I work for that company I said nothing. That is the reason  corporate executives trust me, they know anything they say to me will be kept in the strictest confidence. That is why I get the truth, the unvarnished truth when I interview them.

After interviewing hundreds of executives in Corporate America I found that women were moving ahead in chemistry and biochemistry.  In some companies they dominate these fields. I interviewed 16 women in these fields and even they admitted sometimes they had difficulty interacting with men in their field.

Identifying problems is one thing but coming up with techniques for overcoming them is something else. I always work at solving problems so I looked at the women who had succeeded and compared their style to the women who were less successful.  Most of them wore garments that helped them fit in with their male co-workers yet did not emphasize their feminine shape. Several successful women executives in high tech jobs in different companies wore jackets or other garments that hung loosely over the waist and once again camouflaged rather than emphasized their femininity. Almost 90% of the women who worked with men said that they recognized there was a negative reaction when they wore garments that were fashionable. One said every time she wore a cold shoulder she got the cold shoulder from male counterparts, so she stopped wearing such garments.

I wish I could be more specific and give exact instructions on how to dress in a high-tech world but it’s a very difficult undertaking.  I hope I’ve given you a few hints towards the direction your outfit should take but that’s the best I can do. If you’re working for a woman in a high-tech field there is a very simple rule. Imitate her  style that is a way of declaring sisterhood, with the woman in charge, that generally works.

Keep in mind that women have made more progress in American corporations than any other place in the world and they continue to move forward.  Hang in there and I think eventually you will run your world, if you don’t do that already.

10) How to raise successful children.

Asian students are now suing several Ivy League schools for limiting the  number of Orientals that will be admitted. The reason they are so successful is their mothers dedicated their lives to their children’s success. Probably because when they first came to this country they lived in small apartments so they had their children work at the kitchen table.The real secret  was they sat with them and made sure that they worked. They insisted their children do their homework and do it well they also had them read least two books a month. Many of these mothers did not speak English but that didn’t stop them. Their secret was they watched their children carefully and if their children’s minds wandered they quickly corrected them.

I spoke to a number of the women who came to this country 40 plus years ago and they  found it easy to force their children to work efficiently. However, when I spoke to their daughters and granddaughters who were using the same system to train their children, they said it was more difficult.  As their children Americanized they became more resistant to discipline and we found that the daughters and granddaughters of these women were more likely to use physical discipline to force their children to work effectively.

If you start training your children early in life it will be easier to do. You may not have to sit with them at the table, simply observe them and correct them when necessary.  Although, I’ve been told by half of the mothers that sitting at the table was the only way to do this effectively, I have been told by others it wasn’t necessary.

If you wonder if the same system works with American children, it does. Today, it is being used most often by white upper middle class mothers in affluent suburbia. I suspect the reason they have undertaken training their children is they come from a background where they realize that in the near future most jobs will be performed by robots or computers. Many parents at this point  are thinking my child is not capable of becoming an engineer or a scientist, will this training do him any good. The answer is definitely yes, no matter what they do they will be more effective at it and as a result more successful.

I feel obliged at this point to  tell you the story of the woman who said her son was not capable of becoming an engineer or anything in that category but decided to sit down and work with him at the kitchen table.  When she started he was just finishing Junior High and his grades went from C- to B-. In less than two years he was getting straight A’s and she’s now convinced he’s going to Harvard.  I don’t know whether he’s going to get into Harvard but he certainly is going to do well in this world. Parents often presume their children do not have the potential to succeed in academic areas because their children have never been forced to test their real potential.

The most surprising discovery I made while doing this research was that thousands of people all over the country are using what I call the kitchen table system. A majority of them are white women in suburbia. I’ve spoken about this subject dozens of times and written a half a dozen articles but I had no idea how widespread the practice had become. So if you don’t use the system and use it right away your child is going to be competing with  thousands of people who are using it. So get to work today, before it’s too late.

11) Religion and its impact.

I feel obliged to tell you before we start that I have a problem with organized religion. Because of something that happened to me in a Catholic School I didn’t go to church for 30 years and though I often go now I’m hardly what you call a religious fanatic, I tell you this so you do not think that what I’m about to tell you about religion is an attempt to convert you to my belief system, it is not .

In black neighborhoods most babies are born out of wedlock because it is socially acceptable and our society encourages it by giving those young women their own apartments and declaring them instant  adults and supporting that baby and future babies by putting them on welfare. That is why I was shocked when I interviewed 37 young black girls who came from very religious homes and found only one had a baby out of wedlock.

To fully understand the significance of this you must know that I did research for politicians in the black community for years. Most  understood that young girls having babies out of wedlock what’s a major problem. They wanted to know what would happen if they attempted to solve that problem. It turned out that every solution turned into political suicide and no politicians is going to do that.   Naturally they insisted on strict non-disclosure agreements with horrific penalties built in but since I had no intention of ever revealing what anyone told me I didn’t mind.

A number of black politicians were ministers many of them understood that girls who came from religious environments were less likely to get pregnant. I’m certain as preachers they encourage that congregations to lead religious fives but I never heard one say that it would impact the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate in that community.

While I am convinced that any religion makes it less likely that a young woman will get pregnant, today I cannot prove it. The reason  is I don’t do political research anymore and that is the research that makes it possible to piggyback research.. Politicians do not want anyone to know what they looking for so a sophisticated researcher asks 7 questions whose sole purpose is uncovering the information you’re looking for while 35 questions designed to cover it up. Of course you can and I did use those questions to research  any subject that interested me.

But I can prove that young women who come from very religious homes are at least 300% less likely to become pregnant. A very religious home is one in which religion is the dominant factor in their lives.  They not only say grace before meals they pray with in the morning with the children they kneel down at night before the children go to bed and when they send them off to school wish them a blessed day or a ask the Lord to protect them. I’m talking as a Christian because I am a Christian but the positive impact of religion is not limited to Christian homes. Research shows that  young girls who are devout Muslims, Orthodox Jews and other groups which are known for their religious dedication are less likely to get pregnant out of wedlockas well. I am so convinced of this that if I had a young daughter even if I had to fake it I would run a very religious home. Not only would we pray before meals but morning, noon and night.

12) Molloy’s Popularity Game

The latest version of “MOLLOY’S POPULARITY GAME” is very similar to the earlier versions which were developed for the exclusive use of the corporations who paid for the research. It came out about 7 years ago.  I used it to successfully train top executives and future top executives to become more popular. If you are an executive or potential executive this book has been designed for you, Follow the directions exactly and you will become more popular. II you’ve been passed over for promotion you thought you deserved, the reason was probably the person who got the promotion was more popular than you. This book is designed to make you  popular with the people who make decisions in your business and social life.

You will learn not to smile when you meet someone for the first time and to stand erect because it makes you look self-assured which Increases your chance ol becoming popular. But since all this is based on years of research and testing there’s no need to question any of it just do it.  If you can set aside 4 hours a week you will become popular if you do exactly what you are told.

What makes this text unique is it is not aimed at groups but individuals,namely you. Each reader will analyze and correct their own signal system.  What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

The most successful popularity trainees were teenagers.  It worked for them for two reasons; first, most really wanted to be popular and second it’s very easy for them. If you are a teenager I suggest you go directly to Molloy’s Popularity Game– the book and purchase it.  Statistically I can prove that over half of you will succeed but I believe close to 80% of teenagers who purchase this book will within 3 months become more popular and that will change their lives for the better.

My corporate clients thought I would object to having to train so many of their employees but I didn’t. It gave me a wide variety of subjects to examine. For example, there was a plumbing contractor with a very negative personality who had a brother who was an executive and very charming,  Since he turned people off he had few repeat customers. It wasn’t that he didn’t do excellent work, he did. Once he used the book he became charming and his customers called him back regularly. He was one of the happiest customers I ever had because he said he was now more charming and richer than his brother and that was enough for him.

Who needs this text most?  Obviously, those who are not and have never been popular. My  clients employees who appreciated this book most were those who have been treated shabbily all their lives.The minute I mentioned this group I have people saying I’m never going to be popular, I have never been popular, no one talked to me in high school and I barely get along with the people I work with today.  Don’t let that worry you. In fact, those who have been least popular are the ones who do best because they try hardest. I’ve also had those who said they found it difficult to memorize anything. All that’s nonsense, everybody can memorize. The text will have you repeat popularity signals and how to send them over and over and over until they are part of you.  

That is why this text does not try to teach the reader about popularity but train them to send  signals that will make then popular.

13)  Image and sales

In the original version of my “Dress for Success” book I indicated that the way you dress effected your ability to sell.  However, it was almost ten years before I started being hired by Fortune 500’s to dress their salespeople. When I did their sales increased and when that happened I became a corporate hero.

Whenever I spoke to a company’s sales force i asked them to do a follow up study on my impact.  I insisted the companies conduct their own studies because that insures accurate feedback on how well I’m  performing. In several cases where I trained sales forces and their sales increased the follow-up studies indicated that they questioned the buyers and asked why they bought from  the salespeople I trained. Many of them said that they liked those salespeople, which came as no great surprise because obviously buyers are more likely to purchase from salespeople they like. I would have never researched popularity as a factor in sales on my own but the companies insisted.  When I told them that I would have to do independent research several very large Fortune 500 companies plus a dozen other large companies agreed to underwrite the research if I would not share my information with any of their competitors for the next 5 years. I agreed.

Because they were large companies they were able to arrange to send real salespeople with products or services needed by companies they visited.  I put cameras with red lights on them in those sales offices and as soon as the salesperson sat down the red light went off and the buyer said now that dam thing is off we can get started. Actually when the light went off  the camera coninued to record. The buyers assumed we were studying the salesperson but we were actually studying them as well.

After each sales presentation we  asked the buyers why they bought from salesperson A and not salesperson B.  They either didn’t know or didn’t remember probably because it was often several days after the presentation before I could arrange to interview the buyers. To solve this problem I put a switch under the buyers desks which they pushed one way when they got a positive message and the other way when they got a negative message.If they decided to buy or not to buy we asked them to push their switches in the appropriate direction and lock it.  With the help of one of my techies we rearranged to put the movement of these switches on the screen next to the presentations.When we showed them to the buyers most realized exactly what turned them on or off.

These tapes taught us several lessons.  First the most important moment in any sale is when the salesperson walks through the door. If the buyer gets a positive impression, there is a high likelihood the salesperson will make the sale, if it’s a negative impression the chance of making the sale are almost nil. In some case salespeople create that critical impression before they meet the buyer.  One of the rules for being a good salesperson is to charm everyone connected with the buyer particularly the person who introduces you to the buyer. When you meet them have a small or a pre smile on your face because how you are introduced will make a difference. If a secretary or receptionist announces your presence by telling the buyer there is another damn salesperson outside to see you, your chance of making the sale are very low,  Iif on the other hand she says there’s a gentleman outside to see you, you stand a much better chance of making the sale. The second thing we discovered is you have to walk in with friendly self-assurance . The best way to send those signals is to have an erect posture and to put a small smile or pre smile on your face. If you have a broad smile on your face and you can’t maintain it through the entire sales presentation Most buyers will see you as a phony and You will probably lose the sale.r.

14) Reading polls.

When reading polls and research, particularly if it is political in nature, the most important questions to ask is who paid for the research and who did the research. Many ln the media including the conservative media believed Hillary was a shoe-in.  Fox News had prepared to announce Hillary’s win early in the evening, no one thought that Trump stood a chance. If I’d be given the opportunity to look at the research on which those predictions were based I would have picked them apart easily. But I did not  have access to them at the time and I like everyone else thought Hillary was going to win.

While I believed that Hillary was going to run over Trump I also thought that Trump had a real shot in  Pennsylvania. The reason I thought that is my wife comes from Johnstown Pennsylvania and her mother worked on the election board. She said it annoyed her that union members didn’t even read who was running they just  ran their hand straight down the Democratic list of canditates. She thought they should know who was running but they did not.know or care.

I thought Trump had a real shot in Pennsylvania because a town near Johnstown name is a mine number and for every town with a number there were 20 with names that were coal mining towns. Coal mining played an important part of the economic life of those communities.  When Hillary Clinton went to West Virginia and told them that she was going to shut down the coal industry she was solidifying her base, however, she was also solidifying coal miners and those who lived in coal mining towns all over the country to vote against her.

I suspect Donald Trump would not be happy to hear this after all he won the election by a landslide but I think he should do two things continue to support the coal industry and write Hillary Clinton a thank you note because without her he might not have become president.  I recognize that Trump had a very catchy phrase and a wonderful message but catchy phrases and wonderful messages do not change as many votes as the death of an industry. Keep in mind that many research organizations are only in business to tell their clients what they want to hear. If Hillary Clinton comes to them and asks who’s going to win the election what do you think they tell her, she is. If Donald Trump on the other hand  asks who’s going to win the election what do you think they tell him, he is. So the next time you hear a survey or a study shows that 80% of the people love Trump or hate Trump don’t believe it. Or you hear that 80% of people are going to vote Democratic or Republican, it is probably nonsense. Unfortunately, research which at one time was designed to tell the truth now  often is designed to lie.

The other reason you don’t want to trust studies and surveys is they are so easily manipulated. In the past ,I’ve packaged both Democratic and Republican candidates and the ones I  packaged usually won. I decided not to work for either side this time because whoever had me would have a tremendous advantage. For example, if I Because I trained the people who knocked on doors representing candidates how to respond to different types of situations they would have a markedly better result. I’d love to tell you it is my high moral fiber that keeps me from doing that but the fact is I’ve been turned down by both sides before ever approaching them. I was approached by someone who claimed to represent Hillary Clinton I don’t know whether she did or not but she said that women would never agaim listen to  a man and take dictation from him. When I tried to explain to her that “The Woman’s Dress for Success Book” was based on research and not my opinion, she slammed the phone down. I was also told by a Republican women’s group. I could not speak to them because I had other commitments . The Republican lady who contacted me assumed because I would not speak to her group, I must be a die-hard Democrat and she said she would never hire me.and tell her other Republicans they should not hire me as well.

You may think that the people who run this country and the candidates for major offices get the very best advice from the very best people.  Nothing could be further from the truth. When I worked in political campaigns on both sides, I was frustrated. My research which was invariably correct was run past idiots whose only credential was they had been in charge of a winning campaign. What they failed to mention was they won a safe seat in a Republican or Democratic district and their candidate belonged to the right party for that district, Mickey Mouse could have handled that campaign as well  and winning in a predominantly Republican or Democratic district is meaningless. So don’t be intimidated by the people who run this country on either side most of them are no smarter than you no matter what they think.B